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Who we are and who leads EAALS?


How can I apply for the quality assurance evaluation of my degree programme?

How will EAALS accredit my degree programme?


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Who we are?

EAALS is the European Accreditation Agency for the Life Sciences and was formally established in 2008 by the General Assembly of ICA, the Association of European Life Science Universities.

EAALS mission is to enhance the quality of degree programmes and higher educational institutions in life sciences and the rural environment, through quality assurance and international accreditation.

We aim to award the European Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in the Life Sciences (EAALS) Quality Label to degree programmes in higher education institutions that have achieved the appropriate quality and standards in their educational provision. In addition EAALS will provide recommendations for the continuing enhancement of the educational provision of these degree programmes.

EAALS Objectives are to:

  1. establish and regularly review the EAALS framework of quality benchmarks and indicators for the quality assurance of degree programmes
  2. undertake independent quality assurance and accreditation not limited by national boundaries, in the spirit of Bologna, Lisbon and subsequent communiqués
  3. review and assess educational provision according to best European practice, as represented by the EAALS framework through a transparent, rigorous and consistent quality assurance and international accreditation procedure.
  4. assure the sustained quality and credibility of the EAALS label by periodic evaluation of EAALS’s procedures and operations by independent peer review.

Who leads EAALS?

The EAALS is established by the ICA General Assembly which comprises one representative from each ICA university member.  The independence of decision making by the EAALS Board is guaranteed by the EAALS statutes.

 The ICA General Assembly elect the EAALS Board, who are senior members in the life science community.  The modus operandi of EAALS is determined by the EAALS Statutes  and the EAALS Protocol   The ICA General Assembly approves the EAALS Statutes.

The EAALS Board reports to the annual meeting of the ICA General Assembly.

The EAALS Secretariat is responsible for the day to day management of EAALS and for implementing the policy decisions of the EAALS Board