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The EAALS Board will consider the Final Report and the recommendations of the Peer Review Panel in respect of Broad or Limited Confidence in the quality and standards of the Master degree programme, as seen from an international perspective.  The EAALS Board will then decide whether to accredit the degree programme and award the EAALS Quality Label.  The criteria on which the accreditation decision is made are set out in the table. 

The possible decisions of the Board are as follows:

Accreditation: The degree programme is accredited for a period of 5 years, after which re-accreditation is required. To maintgain the accreditation throughout the five years an annual report for the degree programme should be sent to the EAALS Secretariat on the anniversary of the initial date of the accreditation demonstrating the ongoing Quality Assurance review and enhancement of the degree programme.  The repoirt should be no longer than 1000 words.

Conditional accreditation: The degree programme will be accredited if certain conditions are fulfilled within a given time period.  If the conditions are met, the degree programme will be accredited for a full five years.

Accreditation deferred: The accreditation procedure is put on hold at the request of the university or on acceptance by the university of the proposal by the EAALS Board.  This will occur when major deficiencies have been identified.  The period of deferral will be defined.  If at the end of the period the deficiencies have not been rectified the application for accreditation will lapse.  A new application for accreditation can be made after the lapse of 12 months from the date when the application lapsed.

Accreditation is not awarded:  A new application can be made after a lapse of 12 months from the date of refusal.