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The Quality Assurance Assessment of the degree programme

The Self Assessment Report should address the benchmarks in each category of the EAALS Framework for the Quality Assurance assessment of international Master degree programmes (Appendix 2 or 4 of the  EAALS Handbook ).  The Framework comprises six categories of benchmarks. 

Each benchmark is qualified by one or more general indicators and specific indicators.  The general indicators are those which all Master degree programmes should address, whether the degree programme is designed for national or international students.  The specific indicators address the specific orientation of an international Master degree programme. 

In addition the framework lists key verifiers which are used by the Peer Review Panel to verify whether the indicators have been achieved.  In writing the Self Assessment Report the Degree Programme Team should address all the questions posed by the general and specific indicators, as the answers to these questions enable the Peer Review Panel to verify whether the benchmarks have been achieved.

The Peer Review Panel will independently review the Self Assessment Report and will conduct a site visit to verify the Self Assessment Report and address issues which require further clarification in the Self Assessment Report.  The Peer Review Panel will then prepare a report which will state whether they have Broad or Limited Confidence in the quality and standards of the Master degree programme, as viewed from an international perspective.  

Aspects of the provision which the Panel considers demonstrate good practice will be highlighted, as well as issues where the Panel considers there is scope for improvement.  These recommendations for enhancement will be delivered in a constructive manner and offered in the best interests of both the students and staff.


Accreditation of the degree programme by the EAALS Board

The Peer Review Panel will write a report for the EAALS Board who will decide as to whether to accredit the degree programme  The decision for accreditation is made by the EAALS Board alone.  The contracting university may appeal the decision of the EAALS Board to the EAALS Appeals Committee if it can justify that incorrect or inappropriate processes and procedures had been followed.